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Maintenance - Retroside by Saprodi
20A rue du commerce - Cappelle-La-Grande



What to do in case of breakdown or for your maintenance?

Don't worry, we're here to help.

As stated in our commercial conditions and our CGVs, we sell vintage motorcycles from the 1970s. As such, the traditional commercial guarantee is not applicable. However, and because we want to assure you of our support, we will provide you, free of charge, with defective parts during the 12-month period following your purchase, provided that you provide us with proof of a defect in the incriminated exhibit. However, the refurbishment will be your responsibility.

As such, our motorcycles are known models of motorcycle dealers and mechanics. Of course, there is very little electronics compared to current models, but for a motorcycle mechanic, this engine and this bike are classics. So you can have your bike repaired and have its maintenance done at all motorcycle dealerships. You can also do them yourself. Beyond your needs for the first 12 months, we have a list of spare parts available on stock or on order. Our commercial follow-up, does not prejudiciy your right to compliance with the order, in this regard, please consult our CGV and business conditions.