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What are CJ750s? - Retroside by Saprodi
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What are CJ750s?


The CJ750 is based on the 1956 Soviet-origin IMZ MZ-195 (Irbitski Mototsikletniy Zavod), itself derived from the 1938 German BMW R71.
In 1957, the Soviet Union modernized its Urals. It decided to sell to the People’s Republic of China, the tools and manufacturing methods of the Gorkii factory. The first Chinese motorcycle came off the chain in 1961. It is called the Chang-Jiang, in reference to the longest river in the country: Yangzi Jiang. It immediately equips the administrations and the army.
The Chinese M72 was named Chang Jiang 750. From 1957 to 1966, CJs were equipped with Type I engines and transmissions. This transmission was almost identical to those of the BMW R71 and Ural M72. In September 1966, production of the Type II engine and gearbox began. It was not until 1972 that the Type II engine replaced the type I commonly used.
In the late 1970s, the plant was merged with aircraft manufacturer Guo Ying Hongdu Ji Xie Chang. The 6V 30-horsepower engines were quickly replaced by a 32-horsepower 12V version. Our bikes are models from the 70s.

To buy a CJ750 is to buy a piece of motorcycle industry history. It’s about going back to the roots of the world’s best-known road bikes. It’s about continuing to work with your machine, when all brands offer sanitized and standardized machines. With the CJ750, you’ll be transported back in time and space in an original and authentic way.
Café Racer or Side Car, the CJ750 will seduce you with its nonchalance and timeless musicality. You will have fun with a motorcycle of more than 50 years, collectible, refurbishment, customize to your taste and an old-fashioned charm that recalls the most beautiful moments of the passion bike.

An address, an interlocutor, Retroside, by SAPRODI. French company, run by enthusiasts, lovers of beautiful mechanics, specialists in international sourcing.
Luc Masson – Grégory Descheemaeker


The original model, the military version or Raw Bike, the basis of all our transformation
sSide-car collection, completely renovated. Ideal for the road and the all-way. In her beige sand dress, or camouflage gree
n. The model on the opposite is in its original state, our bikes are completely renovated.

The custom made version, road sidecar, shaped according to your wishes. Here, the CJ750 in its black livery, to recall its Germanic DNA of the 1930s

A cruiser version, leather, chrome, vintage, here with its right exhaust, but also exists in “fish tail” version (see below)

“Fish Tail” escape – ours will be welded